Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where the Wild Things are...

I treated myself to a luxury, a 28-300 mm L lens for my camera. (Translation: a really cool lens that I love a lot even thought it was uber heavy and I'm very sad I had to send it back to it's rental home. *sigh*)  To really feel the wonder of it when took a trip to Yellowstone National Park and then once home on to Hogle Zoo. Both excellent places to find well Wild Things (and babies and little ones too! [inside joke ask my kids]).

My dream was to shoot some Grizzlies. I was almost thwarted but finally captured some on the last day at Yellowstone. I had felt like I stood out with my mongo lens until that moment...then I saw the real guns come in, I shoot with a Canon but these guys shoot with Bazookas!  I'm talking 3-4 FOOT lenses, super tripods and well, I just had a 'little' lens.  At least it made the bears appear more than just a lump.  Here's my take on bears...two ways...one in the true wild and one in captivity.  I'm thinking grizzlies need some clippers!
  Grizzly in the Zoo and in the Wild (Yellowstone Ntl Park)

Some of our favorites at Yellowstone were the Buffas (Thanks Andrea--she's 2 for the coining of the name) Buffalos always seem so stoic and unexcitable (except in a stampede as my Dad reminded me) but let me tell you these little guys are ACTIVE.  Jump, Jump, Jump.  I can just hear the Mom's now...can't you hold still for 2 seconds...oh yes when you are eating.
  Baby Bison

The Elk got CLOSE...I mean, stand back or they may run into you close..it was great watching all the Japanese tourists pointing out the chipmunks when they didn't even see the elk at their elbow.

  Elk in Close

I think my favorite portrait of a wild thing however, is my Beaver.  He was a natural at posing and oh so impressive. 


Next came the Polar Bear...What? A polar bear at Yellowstone?  Well that is a stretch, but Rizzo, has a new home at the Hogle Zoo in SLC, UT and I gotta say I think she likes it.

Polar Plunge 

Along with Rizzo, Hogle now has River Otters...Don't they look chill?

  River Otter

The Colombus Monkey is beautiful...

  Columbus Monkey

But the show stealer (after Rizzo of course) was one of the Tiger Brothers...just don't make any sudden movements!

Tiger Gaze 

Well happy hunting...thanks for coming along on my expedition.


Kimma said...

Great pics - that beaver one is awesome, I must say!

Marni said...

The zoo has an art show from about January to March. You sound find out how to join in and get some of your pictures in there!

Ken, Sharon, Amelia, and Sophia said...

Awesome pictures. I can't believe you got such a great picture of a beaver. And I love the pictures of the baby buffalos.

Heather said...

Those pictures are awesome! I especially love the beaver and the river otter. Nice work!

Brenda said...

I love the photos. THe one of the tiger is very stunning.