Monday, February 20, 2012

Veggies Two Ways

Have you ever considered the Carrot?
The Root

This month in the food photography challenge we have Veggies Two Ways. As I walked through the produce section I wondered if Veggies ever get a complex. You see, their cousins, fruits, are often quite beautiful straight off the tree or vine or bush. Veggies on the other hand, well they may have a few self esteem issues with their hairy roots and often subdued colors. Take the potato for instance. He's a hard worker, tastes great, but a bit bland in front of a camera. I decided to go for color. The carrot has a beautiful hue...but it is also a large part of it's difficulty in front of camera. Too much saturation and it can look fake. Thus this month's challenge. I decided to go simple with the straight out of the ground look then a simple steaming. Carrot au natural you might say. Since there isn't alot of extra things going on it was very important to me to get color right and to get movement in the form of steam drifting off the luscious roots. I won't say I nailed it because I can see my errors, but I will say I learned to appreciate the carrot in a new way. And...bon appetite!

My Friend the Carrot

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