Monday, March 25, 2013

Breakfast--Good to Go

This month at the Inspired Plate our theme is breakfast.  As I sat down with the nutrition gal at my gym this last week I realized that I had been ignoring the great meal of breakfast of late. I know from my time as a kid that 'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day' but frankly in the busyness of the day breakfast was getting lost in the shuffle.  Let's face it's a jungle out there with work, kids, school, church and life...whatever it is that keeps you ticking also keeps you moving.  My breakfast is inspired by the need for speed, mobility and a nutritious kickstart to my day.

Each breakfast in a bottle parfait pairs yogurt and fruit with the crunchy goodness of peanut butter granola. A great way to start the day and add a little fruit, dairy and protein to your diet.

Strawberry Parfait with Vanilla Yogurt

web_tall_strawberry_no cloth

Banana Parfait with Strawberry Yogurt


Orange Parfait with Vanilla Yogurt


So stack 'em up and get going for breakfast tomorrow!


So grab your breakfast and take a whirl around this month's blog circle starting with the fun and fabulous Kim Kelly | San Diego Food Photographer.  She is cooking up some tasty strawberry crepes. I can't wait to taste what's on her plate.