Monday, June 18, 2012

I have a friend named Heather...

Heather is high heels and lipstick, so in short quite opposite of me. Once she held a shoe know the classic in home selling opportunity. She wanted me to come. I said, "Will there be any shoes I would buy?"  She said, "No." I went anyway. :) Heather and I could not be any different on the surface, but we had a bond of friendship. She helped me through some hard times and I her. We learned some important life lessons together and even more importantly some important lessons for eternity. Heather had a purpose here on Earth and in part it was to teach those she left behind what it means to be stalwart, to be true, to be faithful. Heather finished her time here and moved on. She did her job well. Last weekend a bunch of her friends...though we missed many more, had the chance to meet and remember Heather. Everyone kept part of the Heather they knew in a special part of their heart.  Each piece was unique and loved. These images are a reminder of what is important in this life, making the most of the time we have and a girl named Heather.


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Brenda said...

What a great tribute to Heather! She's lucky to be loved by so many awesome women.