Monday, October 22, 2012

On Black

I've had a thing for black as of late. So much so that I've heard comments to the effect that I should add some color to my life.  To my clothes, to my graphic designs to my photography. I've considered the suggestion and filed it away.  You see, to me black is an anchor, it's constant and it's elegant. It reminds me of a symphony...beautiful notes set off by black, proper clothing. In photography it can do very much the same.

It is however, sometimes hard to photograph.  Exposure is different than 'normal'. There are many 'degrees' of black and of course there is the practicality of black showing every speck of dust imaginable. It can make a subject feel like it's floating, literally in a black hole. Sometimes as photographers we fear it.

You might notice however, that I've utilized it quite a bit. The last two month's challenges were set on black so this month I decided to approach this month's Inspired Plate food photography theme of 'shooting on black' in a way that would be new to me. This time I utilized reflection. I found it to be an interesting challenge to only reflect what you want to reflect, but I feel like the reflection adds a great dimension to black backgrounds.  It adds a sense of place to the subject so they aren't really floating out in the wide world with nothing to hold them down. I found that quite comforting and enjoyable.

So without further ado...My three takes on black backgrounds.

Sprite Slush


Harvest Corn

Harvest Corn


Fall Trio

Fall Trio

Monday, September 24, 2012


"There's an ecstasy about doing something really good on film: the composition of a shot, the drama within the shot, the texture... It's palpable."
William Shatner 

Good 'Ole Captain Kirk hit it straight on.  Texture in a photograph is euphoric and why?  Because an image with texture that you can 'feel' with your eyes has entered into a higher realm  The photograph becomes more than a visual art expanding to one that you can touch...and touching leads to speaking to your soul. 

tex·ture [noun] 1. the visual and especially tactile quality of a surface.

Shadow Berry

Berry Flip 




Feel It


Berry Group

This month's challenge utilizes texture in a variety of visual and digital ways to add a new dimension to food photography.  Next check out the talented Tammy Bilodeau ~ Whitecourt, AB Photographer  

Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Sweets & Treats

An Ode to the Cupcake
















down home

The Cupcake



Now take a spin over to see Stacey Siegal | Longboat Key & Bradenton FL Photographer.  Despite prepping for Hurricane Isaac she has created a delectable summer time treat.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The JUST Project

Welcome to the just project.  I often hear people marginalize parts of their life as they refer to them as 'just'.  I'm 'just' a mom or these are 'just' my kids. I 'just' do this for a living or I'm 'just' a hobbyist.   As I notice the trials and blessings (many are one in the same) in my life I have begun to notice that the 'just' things are not little things but the things that bring meaning, hope, faith and purpose.

Our lives are filled with moments.  They might seem routine or ordinary or pointless. But in moments of eternal clarity, we see that these moments are but stepping stones or puzzle pieces to something bigger, something grander, something meaningful. Just take a moment to find the divine in the every day moments. Just this...just that. It is those things that I will be searching out and documenting on this journey. Below are just the first nine images.

just_rainjust_new dayjust_peachy
just_18 Yearsjust_buzzyweb_just_freestyle clue
just_country pridejust_soft foodweb_just_mighty_edited-1

Click on any image to make it larger

As an added incentive, I have joined the cmpro Daily Project. cmpro is a professional organization of women photographers. To join, one must successfully submit to a portfolio review including such things as exposure, light, composition, processing and creativity. I am pleased that I recently passed this review and became a cmpro member. The attainment of this goal is a milestone for me.  And it's just another stepping stone along the way of my photographic journey. The daily project is a collaboration of many cmpro members submitting inspirational and personally meaningful images accessible in one space. I am honored and pleased to be joining them. I will be posting daily there and will occasionally update my images here on my blog.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Grillin' Time

This month’s theme at The Inspired Plate is Barbecue.  This word is interesting as it means so many different things and especially different depending on where you live.{Just check out the video on Carey Pace's blog}   So for my readers, here is my first entry from Kat’s Food Blogging Dictionary.

bar·be·cue {bahr-bi-kyoo} noun, verb; The act of cooking AND the celebration surrounding really great food prepared outdoors usually on a grill.  And like most occasions that usually happen indoors but are moved out, there is likely a bit of a celebratory feeling about said food preparation and consuming especially in the month of July.

Now that we’ve got that settled…and the fact that I probably won’t be writing for Webster’s anytime soon despite the fact that I think all Moms should have an open opportunity to work for a dictionary and or encyclopedia company because of their answering endless questions at the drop of the hat on every subject from abalone to zippers, we can continue with the good stuff.

I like to grill.  Probably, because it’s pretty simple. You don’t have to have a lot of ingredients and if you work it right you don’t even have to be the one doing the actual cooking. 

So the first thought on grilling is the standard, the normal and maybe the boring.

The Dog



The Dog itself is greatly enhanced with the magic of the grill.  The little bit of smoke and char singed sides makes for a tasty summer treat.  You can go traditional with mustard or branch out for a bit of crunch and texture as well as added flavor.

web_hot_dog_triple_plainTriple Dog Dressed

The grill however, is versatile and welcomes many types of food. (You’ll see everything from veggies to desserts as you round the blircle today).

So without further ado…let me introduce you to the Kabob family…First there is Beef Kabob, Veggie Kabob and Chicken Kabob.


All quite tasty, and equally easy to prepare.  Here's a few tips to help along the way.

SeasonedLayin' out on the grillTongs at the Ready
Tip 1: You can mix veggies and meat..but they cook at different rates so you might try all veggie and all meet kabobs to streamline the  process.

Tip 2: Cut your meat in similar size 'squares' so they cook evenly. Make your veggies chunky so they can hold up to the grill and stay juicy.

Tip 3: Use a nice pair of insulated tongs to easily rotate kabobs from one side to the next.

Tip 4. Olive Oil is your best friend.  All three preparations were created with a douse of olive oil then a pinch of seasoning.  In this case a mixture of peppers, garlic for the beef, seasoning salt for the chicken and Italian dressing seasoning for the veggies.  YUM!

So enjoy your next BBQ and your trip around The Inspired Plate as you try veggies, meats and even dessert.  Your next stop is to a BBQ down under. Sabrina Wong, Perth Food Photographer.  This girl is amazing she is a medical student by day and a superb Food Photographer…by…well I have no idea how she fits that in.  But she rocks it!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorite Fifty

For some time I have been working on creating a portfolio for professional critique and personal growth. A portfolio is not static. It is always growing, reaching and becoming. But at any given moment it is a glimpse at the soul of its maker. Here is a glimpse at my soul. 50 of my best and favorite images, my portfolio that is for today, me. Click on any image to see it larger.

Mr. BeaverTiger GazeGrizzly on CloseRiver OtterRing of GiantsA Taste of Trinidad--California StyleMarinaVenture HigherMy TownGo Fly A KiteJumpHeroJoe CoolSweet JoySecretsSleepyBirthday BoyA little Smooth JazzLittle Drop of SunRosySummer textureBefore the Bloom--Ugly ArtTransparentFire LionReflectionsPerfect SplashRock LightningRed Splash BreakCount FrankensteinYou Scream, I Scream...TorteliniExplodeJake's RaspberriesSinging GrandpaSistersFamily KissbombingFreestyle ChessAngelsLet Them Be LittleChocolate SistersBrothersWonderSunset at the Bell TowerThe LightStanding OutEtherealDandelionThe NoteThree