Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to my 365...err probably my 296 pictures in 2010 Blog


It's 2010 and 365 Blogs are all the rage in the photography world. I've decided to join their ranks. Though, I am giving myself some leeway. If this ends up to only be 296 Blog...I'm ok with that.

My goals and purpose of this blog are different than my personal blog. I will continue to update my thoughts, rants, family doings along with pictures on my other one. This blog will be dedicated to improving all aspects of my photography skills.

My goal is to take at least 1 picture every day of the year. I may or may not get them posted on the same day but the goal is for daily picture taking and daily improvement.

This month I hope to learn how to better use my flash. The first picture I have posted is one of the first after receiving my 430EXII Speedlite just a couple days ago. It will be a good gauge of my progress.

I welcome comments and constructive advice. As stated before I only want to get better and that's difficult without feedback.

So with that, Let the Games Begin!


Brooke said...

this is dangerous territory, kat. you know that's what started this whole daily blogging thing in the first place, right? project 365. take a picture a day for an entire year. it's trouble i tell ya. good luck. i'll be keeping an eye on your photographic genius at work =).

Amanda said...

Good luck..I am gonna try too but not beat myself up if I can't go all out..Sounds like I am in good company :)..

Beautiful shot and model!!! Love it.

amyraye said...

love photography. brooke's right. love watching your photographic talent blossom right before my eyes. makes me jealous. i really need to "re-discover" my camera.

Kat said...

Amanda: Cool..nice to have a buddy.

Brooke and can join me...a new twist for your new year. :)

Melissa Weber said...

Love the pretty tree bokeh!

Jolie said...

LOVE the bokeh!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Just wondering, was the number 296 significant, or randomly chosen?