Friday, August 3, 2012

The JUST Project

Welcome to the just project.  I often hear people marginalize parts of their life as they refer to them as 'just'.  I'm 'just' a mom or these are 'just' my kids. I 'just' do this for a living or I'm 'just' a hobbyist.   As I notice the trials and blessings (many are one in the same) in my life I have begun to notice that the 'just' things are not little things but the things that bring meaning, hope, faith and purpose.

Our lives are filled with moments.  They might seem routine or ordinary or pointless. But in moments of eternal clarity, we see that these moments are but stepping stones or puzzle pieces to something bigger, something grander, something meaningful. Just take a moment to find the divine in the every day moments. Just this...just that. It is those things that I will be searching out and documenting on this journey. Below are just the first nine images.

just_rainjust_new dayjust_peachy
just_18 Yearsjust_buzzyweb_just_freestyle clue
just_country pridejust_soft foodweb_just_mighty_edited-1

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As an added incentive, I have joined the cmpro Daily Project. cmpro is a professional organization of women photographers. To join, one must successfully submit to a portfolio review including such things as exposure, light, composition, processing and creativity. I am pleased that I recently passed this review and became a cmpro member. The attainment of this goal is a milestone for me.  And it's just another stepping stone along the way of my photographic journey. The daily project is a collaboration of many cmpro members submitting inspirational and personally meaningful images accessible in one space. I am honored and pleased to be joining them. I will be posting daily there and will occasionally update my images here on my blog.


Brenda said...

I am SO proud of you. Your photos keep getting better and better. You are capturing enduring themes.

Kimma said...

Yay! Congrats to you, Kathryn! I didn't know you were applying, but I was hoping you would because your photos are so great. :) Cool stuff.

Ken, Sharon, Amelia, and Sophia said...

Congratulations! I love seeing your photos . . . it's almost as good as reading about what you're doing ;)

Alison Crane said...

Beautiful! Your images and your words!