Sunday, August 29, 2010



My new friend Janeal. She is a hoot. We met through CM and had a little photoshoot last week at a CM meetup.
Dancing in the Corn Field


Oh Dearie

Driving  tractor

Pretty Parasol


Brenda said...

OKay, the pants around the ankles is seriously funny! Made me laugh! Great photos.

Ken, Sharon and Amelia said...

I'm with Brenda - love the outhouse picture.

Great shootin' Kat :)

grandmabish said...

I KNEW your were going to be the best...look at these !! You really rocked it. I LOVE them all
i thought sure your outhouse one would be THE winner, but i really like the first one here and the tractor one. GOOD JOB!

Kat said...

Thanks all. Karren you made my day. :) These totally wouldn't look like this had I been the subject. Janeal made it easy.

Traca said...

Love the outhouse!!! And the jump shot, too! What fun! I wish I lived close to another CM....

Heather said...

I loved them all! Great subject and great skills. :)